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Let's be honest about weight loss, it's usually a lot easier to gain weight than it is to lose it. However, losing those extra pounds is rewarding. Normally, you feel better, you sleep better, you stand taller and feel better about yourself. Patients have told me “as the weight comes off, I’m finding my voice, sticking up for myself not feeling so invisible”. When you do decide to tackle those pounds that you've been dragging around with you, there's no shortage of weight loss plans, weight loss drugs, low-fat this, nonfat that but at the end of the day what truly matters is two things:


     1. finding a program that works in your life that will enable you to sustain the weight loss you work hard to attain and


     2. coming to the realization that it is A Matter of Fat


As a medical professional and Obesity Medicine Specialist who has specialized in helping my patients achieve safe, significant, sustainable weight loss for more than 30 years, I have seen the adverse effects of yo-yo dieting on the psyche of people whose weight goes down only to go back up. I’ve had patients tell me “every time I have to lose this weight again, it’s harder both physically and emotionally – I spend more and more time beating myself up about it”. I understand how debilitating it is to work so hard and then watch it slip away.


The information presented on this site and in my associated Blog is designed to separate the facts of healthy weight loss from the hype that comes from the billion dollar weight loss industry. It is easy to be led down a path by the latest diet, the newest herbal remedy only to be let down by the reality. The comments and points of view on this website are based on evidence based medicine, sound scientific principals and extensive clinical experience. We examine new insights and the medical research concerning obesity and weight loss that will influence your ability to manage your weight. We also provide links to sites that I have researched and feel offer quality products that can help you on your journey toward healthy weight loss.


I hope you'll find some valuable information on this site and that you'll join in on the discussion found on my Blog.

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