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Desperate to Lose Weight

Not only is there a marked association between excess weight and chronic physical disorders, but there is also a strong linkage to numerous psychological conditions as well, such as depression, low self-esteem, shame and anxiety. However, while many overweight individuals are desperate to lose weight, be it for vanity or health reasons, they are unable to stick to a program long enough to see significant results. Overweight individuals need help, but honest, responsible and effective help. Since many individuals overeat because of stress induced emotional eating and their attempts at weight loss are frustrated by hunger and carbohydrate cravings, I felt they would benefit from a tool that reduces their appetite for sugar, decreases their hunger and promotes their weight loss. This is why I developed Attenuslim, an herbal weight loss supplement that has been clinically tested, medically validated and scientifically proven to help reduce appetite, decrease hunger and control cravings for refined sugary snack foods. Clinical studies have documented that AttenuSlim helps to: 1) Decrease hunger and reduce food intake by 25% or more; 2) Decrease appetite and reduce snacking by 40% or more; 3) Increase weight lose by more than 3 times the amount that was achieved by diet and exercise alone; 4) Reduce abdominal, hip and waist sizes; 5) Reduce the stomach producing hunger hormone Ghrelin by more than 15% compared to controls; and 6) Provide sustained feelings of fullness and satiety, but without feeling deprived. I have used Attenuslim in my practice with great success for treating overweight patients and patients with weight related chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and disabling osteoarthritis. So many of my successful weight loss patients have told me how AttenuSlim has helped them to lose weight, without feeling hungry or deprived, and then have been able to keep it off. I believe that AttenuSlim, a non-stimulating safe and effective tool, can significantly help you with your weight loss.

For more information please go to When you order your first bottle of AttenuSlim, I will be happy to send you a free pdf copy of my 170 page book, “LOSE IT AND KEEP IT OFF”, which will help explain the weight loss process in greater detail and help you better manage your weight. I think this will be of great help to you. Peter Vash, M.D., M.P.H.

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