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Your weight loss management now more effective with Attenuate


The sad reality is the overweight and obesity epidemic we face, a condition that affects about 70% of all Americans, there is a need for safe, cost effective and legitimate tools to help overweight individuals lose weight.

This is why


This is why Attenuate, a unique dietary supplement for weight loss and weight management was developed.


It has been tested and validated in randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical studies to assure overweight individuals of it's 

safety and weight loss effectiveness.

Clinical studies have documented that Attenuate helps to:

Decrease hunger and reduce food intake by 25% or more

Decrease appetite and reduce snacking by 40% or more

Control carbohydrate and food cravings and reduce emotional snacking

Reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride levels

Provide sustained feelings of fullness and satiety

Reduce LDL levels, the 'bad cholesterol'

Reduce insulin resistance and fasting insulin levels by 30% to help maintain better blood sugar control

Increase weight loss 3.5 times more than by diet and exercise alone

Increase the hormone Adiponectin, associated with an increased fat metabolism and reduction in body fat

Reduce waist and hip size


Attenuate is a herbal non-stimulating dietary weight loss supplement clinically proven to reduce appetite and snacking by 40% or more, decrease hunger and food intake 25% or more and help control emotional and stress induced eating.​

It has been shown to increase weight loss 3.5 times more than by diet and exercise alone and also reduce total cholesterol and triglyceride levels

It is mixed into water (24oz.-32oz. bottle) and taken between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner to provide healthy hydration and replace mindless snacking

It has been documented and proven in randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical studies to help control and reduce food and carbohydrate cravings and enhance weight loss

It helps to reduce insulin resistance and normalize blood sugar levels, so as to help lower the risks for developing Type 2 Diabetes

Scientifically, it works as a competitive inhibitor, blocking ATP-citrate lyase, the enzyme that is responsible for fatty acid synthesis and fat accumulation. This creates a metabolic signal sent to the brain to signal that the body is full so there is no further desire or need to eat

It also helps to control hunger by reducing the level of neuropeptide Y, a hormonal neurotransmitter which acts in the brain's hypothalamus to regulate hunger and reduce food intake

It does not stimulate the brain to cause a 'hyperness' nor does it affect bowl function

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