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Anti-Obesity Medications

It is now evident that obesity is recognized as a medical disease with serious long-term consequences, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Fortunately, new obesity treatments are being developed more quickly to be safer and more effective than earlier treatments. But there are many questions about these newer anti-obesity medications, such as Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, Rybelsus and Retatrutide etc. that need to be answered by knowledgeable and experienced clinicians. These hormone-based therapies are not the same and have different benefits and side effects. Unfortunately, there are now compounding pharmacies that offer cheaper alternatives for the more widely used treatments of Ozempic and Mounjaro. But these agents are NOT FDA approved for patient safety and effec

tiveness and are frequently associated with disruptive and painful side effects. While they are less expensive, they are a riskier pathway to a healthy weight loss. To best service obese patients, clinicians need to consider the individual’s degree of overweight, overall health status metabolic profile and risk factors and psychological state and condition. The many questions about obesity, obesity treatments (medical and surgical), anti-obesity medications and long-term health consequences of being overweight are best answered in a non-judgmental manner without bias. So, if you

have questions about these medications the medical aspects of obesity and obesity treatments let me help you to “Lose It and Keep It Off”.

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