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Confusing Hunger for Thirst

Sometimes the sensation of hunger is not the same as the desire for food because thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Many individuals looking for something to eat or snack on are really dehydrated and drinking fluids usually satisfies the desire to eat. Actually drinking water throughout the day is an effective way to avoid overeating. Clinical studies have shown that by drinking a large glass of water before starting a meal that the amount of food consumed is significantly reduced. This is the reason why the herbal weight management tool Attenuate, with its unique ingredients that reduce appetite and curb cravings for carbohydrates, was developed. It also helps by providing additional necessary hydration to help ensure that effective fat burning and metabolism continues. By mixing Attenuate with water and drinking it throughout the day so that you are ‘sipping not snacking’, this behavior decreases unnecessary eating and promotes weight loss. Drinking Attenuate throughout your day helps you to feel refreshed without experiencing those nagging hunger sensations or cravings for refined sugary snack treats. Use Attenuate to replace an unhealthy snacking behavior with a satisfying sipping habit and you will see a progressive and encouraging weight loss. Attenuate is not a stimulant, and it will help to decrease your hunger and help to curb your cravings for refined sugary snack foods and highly processed carbohydrates.

For more information on Attenuate please go to: Peter D. Vash, M.D.

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