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Post COVID Infection &Type 2 Diabetes

There is some new clinical research on the long-term effects of COVID infection. Some of the ‘long haul’ post infection complications have been documented as brain function complications such as ‘brain fog’ decreased memory, decreased cognitive ability and long-lasting fatigue and muscle weakness. Now some new clinical research, as was presented in the medical journal The Lancet, reports that a new post COVID infection complication is an increased association with new cases of Type 2 Diabetes . It is thought that the COVID virus infects and damages the insulin producing Beta cells of the pancreas to cause a reduction of insulin production which leads to elevated blood sugar levels and the chronic disease of Type 2 Diabetes. Perhaps some individuals already had diabetes or pre-diabetes, but the report suggests these individuals may be pushed into a full-blown established case of diabetes as a result of the viral infection. This report suggests that if you have had a COVID infection and you have some of the symptoms of diabetes, such as increased urination, increased thirst, increased fatigue and increased hunger that you get tested for Type 2 Diabetes by your physician. The virus makes individuals more susceptible to developing diabetes. However, Type 2 Diabetes can be effectively treated with weight loss, oral medications and injection medication, and when necessary with insulin. Peter Vash, M.D., MPH

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