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Talking about Diets

The emotional responses to studies about diet and weight loss shows the confusion and anxiety that such conversations bring up when discussing the latest and/or best diet. A careful scientific examination of diet used as a medicine is long overdue in both the scientific and popular arenas. There is just too much inaccurate information, and money to be made with fraudulent and misleading products, and disregard for the truth to really help overweight individuals take action against their excess weight. There is no doubt that weight loss can help prevent serious chronic and disabling diseases, but there is often doubt about how to achieve a significant, sustainable and cost effective weight loss. This outcome is made more difficult because weight loss issues usually contain numerous difficult lifestyle behavioral and emotional issues, many which are unrecognized and all of which are hard to treat.

However, like any path to the mountain top which is often difficult and taxing, it is possible to achieve a satisfying, health promoting and meaningful weight loss. While not everyone can achieve the entire weight loss they want, most individuals will be able to achieve a significant weight loss, as long as they stay on the path and keep moving towards their goal. For all who follow the course of accurate and legitimate weight loss principals, they will get to the top of their weight loss mountain. They will be able to achieve a healthier and better quality of life through the loss of their excess weight. Peter Vash, MD, MPH.


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