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A Magical Diet

Mirror, mirror on the wall

how can I become so small

and be seen as thin and tall.

What’s the best diet for me

so I’m thinner for all to see

Can one magic diet set me free?

Alas, for there is no magic in only one,

All the power of the magic is in thee.

Yes, in a simple way. All diets work when you stay on them, but unfortunately all diets don’t work when you don’t stay on them. The more accurate picture is bit more complex. For example, very low carbohydrate diets work great initially, as they cause a large amount of excess fluid to be excreted. This causes a large drop on the scale, but perhaps 50% of that is not fat, it is water. This gives a big boost in morale to the dieting individual, but it usually doesn’t last, because staying on such a low carbohydrate regime is difficult in our stress filled, sleep deprived, large portion sized world. But it can be done, and with great results, by those who commit themselves to the process of changing an eating behavior centered around heavily processed, highly refined sugar containing foods. Yet in the end, clinical studies have repeatedly shown that weight loss success depends on the person’s ability to stay on their diet, whatever the components of the diet may be. As unpleasant as it may be to realize, any weight loss diet success requires a long-term commitment and persistence.

The magical success comes from doing it.

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