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Better Health Through Weight Loss

It is reported that by 2030 in the United States nearly 50% of adults are projected to be obese, and about 25% of those individuals will have severe obesity. Beyond the cosmetic issues of vanity and looking thin, obesity is linked to numerous chronic disease conditions such as type 2 diabetes (T2D), cardiovascular heart disease, hypertension, gallbladder disease, degenerative osteoarthritis and even several different types of cancer. For example, excess weight is strongly linked to diabetes, and in the U.S. about 30 million individuals have diabetes, but about 90 million have pre-diabetes and T2D and are unaware that they have it. These disease conditions are disabling and destructive and reduce one’s quality and enjoyment of life. However, while public health initiatives and services needed to reduce these weight related diseases are not forthcoming, individuals can take preventive action to avoid becoming overweight and suffering from weight related conditions. One such action is to overcome those barriers that hinder and prevent weight loss, such as appetite, hunger, cravings for carbohydrates and sugary snack foods and drinks, and stomach hunger pangs. Overcoming these troublesome sensations can help those who are overweight and who want to lose their excess weight and then keep it off. Attenuate and Attenuslim are two herbal products that have been developed by an obesity medicine specialist and are clinically proven to be safe and highly effective. They have also been scientifically validated and medically tested to help increase weight loss to more than 3 times that which could be achieved by diet and exercise alone. In addition, they have been documented to decrease the stomach produced hunger hormone Ghrelin by 17%, and also help reduce abdominal, hip and waist sizes. These products have been used with great success in obesity clinics in Beverly Hills, Century City, Los Angeles and as well as in numerous other cities across the nation. I believe that Attenuate and Attenuslim are the best, safest and most effective products that will help you lose your excess weight. Please go to for more details. I wish for you the best of health and success with your weight loss. Best wishes. Peter Vash,M.D., MPH.

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