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Liquid Calories and Weight Gain

It’s a lot more enjoyable to eat your calories than to drink them. When most people think about losing weight, they often overlook another potential source of calorie intake that makes a major difference in their long-term weight management: what they drink. Much of an individual's extra increased daily calorie intake may come from the consumption of high-calorie sweetened beverages such as sugar sweetened sodas and sugar enhanced fruit drinks. Many individuals believe that they are successfully limiting their liquid calorie intake by avoiding alcoholic beverages and sugar sweetened soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, etc. But they often forget that all-natural fruit juices, honey sweetened drinks and summer drinks like lemonade, punch, certain sport and work out drink still may contain a large amount of sugar. It appears, from clinical research, that an individual’s compensation and regulatory balancing of calorie intake (knowing when you are full and have eaten enough to satisfy your body's physiological needs) is different for liquid calories taken in beverages than it is for solid food. So, it appears that calories that are drunk rather than eaten are not readily or accurately registered and accounted for to insure proper appetite and hunger regulation. This is especially true for alcoholic drinks. So be aware of what you drink, and the amount that you drink, as it may be the cause for your weight gain and/or your inability to lose weight.

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