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Attenuate and AttenuSlim: Weight Loss Tools

I’ve written about fat cell metabolism, the process of weight gain and weight loss and the many factors and conditions associated with being overweight. However, now as the rates of obesity continue to increase, it is time for some proactive changes, and I would like to suggest two weight loss tools to help you achieve a healthy weight. Changing eating behavioral habits is one of the most important ways to control food and drink intake and decrease total daily calorie intake and cause weight loss. I have developed two weight loss supplements, Attenuate and AttenuSlim, to help alter weight gaining eating behaviors and reduce appetite, decrease hunger and control carbohydrate cravings. These agents have been tested and validated to show an increased weight loss, more than 3 times that was achiever by diet and exercise alone, decreased hunger, reduced abdominal and waist circumference sizes and help promote a healthy weight maintenance eating behavior.

Attenuate is mixed into a large bottle (24-32 oz.) of water and taken twice a day to ‘replace snacking with sipping’. By drinking Attenuate between breakfast and lunch you will increase hydration to help reduce appetite, as well as fatigue and headaches, and reduce midmorning cravings and the urge to snack. Then when you drink the second pack of Attenuate between lunch and dinner it helps promote fat metabolism along with decreased hunger, reduced cravings for carbohydrates and with an increased sense of fullness.

AttenuSlim is an herbal capsule that is taken twice a day: 1/2 -1 hour before breakfast or lunch and again 1/2-1 hour before dinner. It works directly on the fat cell membrane to help release the cell’s stored fat and helps prevent the formation of new fat cells. It also reduces the stomach stimulating hunger hormone Ghrelin by 17% to provide a release from nagging hunger sensations. Both of these weight loss supplements have been clinically tested by randomized double blind, placebo controlled studies to show a significant reduction in appetite, hunger and cravings for refined sugary snack foods. These products were designed to work together to help reduce calorie intake and enhance calorie burning to result in a safe, significant and sustainable healthy weight. Additional metabolic studies have also shown a reduction in total cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels to result. In a statistically significant improvement in blood lipid levels.

It’s time to take control of your health by losing excess weight and enjoying a better and enhanced quality of life. For more information go to:

Peter Vash, M.D.,M.P.H.

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