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Hypertension, Weight and Covid19

With the heightened concern about the COVID-19 virus, many individuals wonder what conditions might make them more susceptible to infection. Clinical data report that cardiovascular heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity appear to pose an increased risk for becoming infected. Concerning hypertension and it's treatment, some medical authorities have questioned whether the use of certain anti-hypertensive medications, such as ACE inhibitors and ARB agents, may adversely effect lung function and as such might make hypertensive patients who use them be more susceptible to viral damage to the lungs. However, to date, there is no agreement among medical researchers that there is any connection and they state that no patient should stop taking these medications.

What is recommended is to reduce those lifestyle behaviors that weaken the body's immune system and make individuals more vulnerable to viral infections. Clinical studies report that because fat cells secrete many inflammatory hormones and cytokines (signaling molecules that stimulate an inflammatory response) the overweight condition may hamper and weaken the obese individual's immune system. Weight lose, along with other medical benefits, resulting in the body's immune system not having to combat these fat cell inflammatory hormones is thought to strengthen and enhance the body's immune response to infection. Fewer fat cells produce fewer cytokines which means a reduced, and less stressed, inflammatory response and a stronger immune system. It's probably a good idea not to worry about things that you can't control, but instead concentrate on modifying those lifestyle behaviors, such as tobacco use, alcohol abuse and overeating, that you,and only you, can control.

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