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In the "Time of The Virus" and Weight Loss

In The ‘Time of The Virus’ and Weight Loss

This current ‘time of the virus’ opens our eyes to what is really important to us and what we truly care about, such as family, friends, opportunities and health. In reality we can only control very few things in our life. However, we can, to some degree, influence our health by reducing knowable risks and preventing disease promoting behaviors and making smart healthy decisions and taking care of ourselves and our families. The wisdom of these actions is usually not apparent until later in life when the damage is done.and the faults cannot be passed off.

One of the most important healthy behaviors is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, not an ideal weight but a sustainable weight that allows you to enjoy life’s eating and drinking. But this can’t be done to such an excess that it adds an increased risk for developing chronic diseases. This is one tragic lesson the virus brought out, those who had underling chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and obesity they did not do well in this ‘time of the virus’.

These chronic conditions are closely linked to poor lifestyle behaviors and choices, and many of which could be treated, managed or even prevented. This is the medical reality of chronic disease, it serves no other purpose to suggest that underlying socio-cultural, economic or environmental factors are to blame. They are important factors, but they are not the cause and this is an unpleasant reality as our overcrowded ERs and ICUs unfortunately show.

Being overweight has a negative socio-cultural subjective stigma associated with extra pounds. But beauty is subjective and it lies in the eyes of the beholder, not with the numbers on the scale. However excess weight in the form of increased abdominal fat carries an increased objective medical risk for disease, disability and despair. By taking control of your eating behavior and your weigh, you are very truly taking control of your health.

To help overweight individuals take control of their weight, I use two tools: Attenuate and AttenuSlim. Both are available at;; and

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