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Losing Weight Depends On Calories And The Individual’s Lifestyle Eating Behavior

To lose weight most individuals know what to do, but do not do it. Clinical studies show that the person’s lifestyle eating behavior is just as important, if not more so, than the type and amount of food eaten. Fat, protein. carbohydrate, and alcohol calories all matter and all count, a diet of one type is, in the long run, no better than a diet emphasizing another type. Research clinical studies repeatedly show that all diets work when you stay on them, and all diets fail when you stop them. Adherence to your diet matters greatly. An important truth for most overweight individuals, who do not suffer from a medical or psychological weight producing condition or are on a weight producing medication, is that they can lose a significant portion of their excess weight. This fact is repeatedly shown by those overweight individuals who take control of their eating habits and make the necessary changes. This is an unpleasant fact but understandably hard to accept and follow. It is part of human nature to resist change, but it should not be a barrier to weight loss. Having a reason, conviction and /or desire to lose weight and using safe and effective medical tools to change eating habits is an important step for achieving weight loss. After many years of treating thousands of overweight patients and helping them to successfully lose large amounts of their excess weight, I realized that there was a need for more effective weight loss tools. There is just too much frustration and disappointment among those who want and need to lose weight when they rely on misleading and dishonest hyped up weight loss products. This is why I developed two unique clinically tested, medically proven and scientifically validated weight loss tools: Attenuate and AttenuSlim. These two products have been shown and documented to help reduce appetite; decrease hunger; curb cravings for refined sugary snacks and carbohydrate meals and to reduce the stomach hunger hormone Ghrelin, while also reducing abdominal, hip and waist sizes. This is why I use Attenuate and AttenuSlim in my obesity medicine practice because: they are safe and effective and are repeatedly being used to help “Lose It And Keep It Off”. For more information on Attenuate and AttenuSlim please go to

Peter Vash M.D.,M.P.H

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