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Low Carb or Low-Fat Diet for Weight Loss

Is there a difference in the amount of weight loss that results from a low-fat diet as compared to a low carbohydrate diet? No. According to the report in the journal Obesity, vol.28, #10 ,October 2020, in the article “A systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Comparing Heterogeneity in Body Mass Responses Between Low-Carbohydrate and Low-Fat Diets”, the report states “Based on the available literature, there is insufficient evidence at present to expect any greater or lesser true inter individual variations in body mass change in response to low carbohydrate versus low fat dietary interventions”. This means that for causing a weight loss there is no difference between a low fat or a low carbohydrate diet. From my experience working with overweight patients for more than 30 years, it matters just as much who administers the diet and continues with the follow up interactions as does the diet itself. The positive and supportive interactions between the patient and the health care professional, be it a knowledgeable and compassionate MD, RN, registered dietician, psychologist or other well-informed individual is of great importance. Of course a reduced calorie intake is important because to cause a weight loss: all calories matter, and must be reduced, whether they come from fat, protein, carbohydrates or alcohol. But inspiring, supporting and motivating overweight individuals to adhere to their diet is essential for success. Clinical experience has repeatedly shown that all diets work when you stay on them, and all diets fail when you don’t adhere to them. For a safe and significant weight loss, work with a well informed health care professional using a rational diet based on science and clinical experience. Peter Vash M.D.,M.P.H.

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