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Self medicating with food in the time of the plague

Sadly in addition to the direct effects of COVID-19 on an individual’s physical health, the virus has aggravated and worsened mental health increasing levels of stress, anxiety, hopelessness, frustration and despair. These situations of feeling over-whelmed have caused many despairing individuals to try to reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation with self-medication using alcohol, drugs and food. Being hungry, afraid and poor is a deep pit to climb out from. Drug and alcohol abuse need a strong social support structure to help and food insecurity and abuse would also be helped by programs offering support and accountability. Gaining 15-30 pounds or more during the pandemic puts an increased burden on those emerging from the crisis and trying to get on with their lives. Making the commitment to reduce excess snacking, high calorie snack foods and decrease random emotional eating is a start, as it can help motivate and inspire individuals to have faith and believe that they can change the course of their lives. Doing so when you are well fed, safe and not in want is easy, but this is where an individual’s strength and grit come into play. With each pound lost one can regain a better quality of life with a promise of hope and dignity.

Attenuate and Attenuslim are two herbal products that can help reduce appetite, decrease hunger and curb sugar cravings to help overweight individuals lose their excess weight that they might have gained during the pandemic. For more information go to Peter Vash, M.D.

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