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Taking Charge of Your Health

In this time of the plague most individuals will survive, but some will sink beneath their own misgivings and reluctance to take care of themselves, their loved ones, and their community. Unfortunately, our health care system is hit hard by the many problems concerning staffing, resources and economics and by patients unwilling or unable to follow medical directions and take proper preventive actions. As we already know, prevention is an easier and less expensive option than treatment. Concerning the powerful forces of prevention, there are three medical conditions that pose for an increased risk for contracting the COVID virus and its complications: Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension. These three conditions are well known to increase morbidity and mortality and are destined to reduce one’s quality of life as they dramatically increase medical care costs. These three treatable, and to a large extent, preventable conditions are the medical iceberg that will probably sink our overburdened and overstressed health care ship. Of these conditions the overweight condition is the one that is most amenable to prevention and in the control of the individual. When overweight individuals work to achieve a healthy weight- but which may not necessarily be the most desirable, fashionable or socially accepted weight, then their risks for developing debilitating weight related chronic diseases is greatly reduced, as well as their risks for COVID disease and its complications. Our health care system is pleading with those whom it serves to do their part and take responsibility for their health, no one else can do it for them. To help overweight individuals get control of and support loss of their excess weight, I have developed the herbal, none stimulating, product AttenuSlim. AttenuSlim will help support your desire to reduce your appetite, decrease your hunger and curb your cravings for carbohydrate and refined sugars.

Please go to for more information. AttenuSlim can help support your commitment to better health through weight loss. Peter Vash, M.D.

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