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Using Attenuate to Lose It And Keep It Off

As an obesity medicine specialist, I have been treating overweight individuals for several years and have had many significant and life changing results. But I have failed to reach the larger numbers of overweightpatients who deserve and need help. Treating individual patients is a fulfilling professional experience but falls shortof making a significant public health impact. With more than 70% of Americans overweight and about 40% of them being obese, more intensive and innovative interventions are needed. Those suffering from carrying excess weight need to have legitimate and honest guidance as well as safe and effective tools to help them achieve a healthy weight. That is why Attenuate and AttenuSlim were developed, to function as potent tools that help encourage, motivate and support those individuals who want and need to lose weight. These tools give the individual significant relief from the three major barriers that prevent successful weight loss: appetite, hunger and carbohydrate cravings. By using these tools, along with the guide book “Lose It And Keep It Off’, readers will gain the insights and learn the behavioralchanges needed to decrease appetite, reduce hunger and curb carbohydrate cravings. Attenuate and AttenuSlim will help you reach your weight loss goal and then be able to maintain a healthy weight and avoid chronic and costly diseases

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