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Weight Loss and Common Sense

There are many myths and erroneous perceptions about obesity and weight loss. These faulty concepts seem to get circulated and ingrained in the public's mindset to be repeated again and again so as to be accepted as fact. For example: eat your meals before 7pm to avoid weight gain; eat 5 or 6 small meals during the day to stimulate your metabolism to burn more fat; eating fiber to fill your stomach to prevent hunger; and so on. While some of these ideas may contain a grain of truth, any of these or other weight loss secrets if and when used with a reduced calorie diet, over enough time, can be associated with weight loss. But these concepts in and of themselves were not responsible for any significant weight loss, rather it is the reduction in your total calorie intake that is the essential factor.

Perhaps they could have helped, but unless you understand the dynamics of fat loss and put this understanding into your daily routine and continue with this new eating behavior you will probably not achieve your goal of a stable and sustainable weight loss.

It is not the concept but the actions, not the factual information but the everyday lifestyle behavioral changes, that can cause weight loss. It is not so much the products you use for weight loss, but how you use them that really matters. Any product when used with an insufficient reduction of food intake will be unable to produce a weight loss.

Any diet product that promises to increase your metabolism to cause a weight loss usually contains caffeine and/or green tea extract (EGCG). These agents stimulate the sympathetic nervous system to release the neurotransmitter norepinephrine which helps to cause a small but transient increase in your body’s heat production (thermogenesis) and also helps to reduce your appetite. But any weight loss is minimal, and without any eating behavioral changes is short lived. Your metabolism can’t be changed as its genetically determined, however it is influenced, to a small degree, by the amount of muscle you have. The greater the amount of muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism, because muscle burns calories while fat stores calories. Relying on stimulants to cause a weight loss is a failed and a potentially harmful strategy. To offer an alternative to the many misleading and fraudulent diet products that saturate the market, I have developed AttenuSlim. AttenuSlim acts in the brain’s hunger center to reduce appetite, decrease hunger and curb carbohydrate cravings, but without the adverse effects an increased blood pressure and heart rate that are caused by stimulants.

Green coffee bean's weight loss effects are probably the direct result of its caffeine, and green teas fat burning claims are most likely the result of a combination of catechin polyphenols (EGCG) and caffeine. This combination of ingredients that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, is what causes an increase in the body's heat production and the increased burning of calories.

Any caffeine or EGCG containing product will increase heat production, heart rate, blood pressure, and produce a mild reduction in perceived hunger. But all of these positive benefits can be lost with the addition of a donut along with the green bean coffee or tea you're drinking.

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