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Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance are Different Problems

New research studies point out that weight loss presents a different set of biologic difficulties than that for achieving long term weight maintenance. Weight loss is hard but keeping that weight off is even more difficult. The physiological, hormonal and behavioral changes that are responsible for losing weight are quite different than from the problems that are associated with maintaining lost weight. This implies that the treatments used to lose weight, such as reducing caloric intake, increasing physical activity, making eating behavioral changes, etc., should be different from those treatments used to keep weight off for the long term. While reducing calorie intake and increasing activity are both important tools to tackle weight problems; understanding how the hormonal and metabolic responses to weight loss often set the stage for a weight regain are helpful to prevent the desperation, frustration and anger over a weight regain. For example, after losing weight the body has a biological imperative and directive, through the fat cell hormone Leptin, to increase hunger, reduce energy expenditure and lower metabolism in order to return to the body’s last highest weight. This response has more to do with an evolutionary protective response against weight loss than the individual’s “lack of will power’ or compliance with dietary mandates. Weight regain, while still influenced by personal eating lifestyle behaviors, is also the result to a biologic and hormonal response to lost weight and not a result of personal weakness. Fortunately, there are some new prescription medications that can help prevent a weight regain. But there is also a non-prescription herbal supplement, AttenuSlim, that helps to thwart the return of lost weight. AttenuSlim works to block the return of lost weight by reducing appetite, decreasing hunger, curbing a desire for carbohydrate snack foods and also by lowering the stomach producing hunger hormone Ghrelin. While weight loss and weight regain are both difficult and different problems to deal with, AttenuSlim can provide you with a stronger ability to control your eating behavior to maintain a healthy weight. Dr.Vash.

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